Regional event oficers are focused on increasing the quality and quantity of participation opportunities in camping and recreational vehicle events, automobile and motorcycle events and their associated activities.

An AMA Regional Event Officer (REO) is a state or territory transport authority licensed driving and or riding instructor that has nationally recognised certificate qualifications in training and assessment, work health and safety and driver and or rider education, which meets and exceeds the requirements of the Australian Sports Commission for officials and coaches.

All AMA REO's have successfully completed the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Community Officiating General Principales course to officiate and the Community Coaching General Principles course to coach, which allows REO's to supervise all new AMA Trainee Referees and Leaders whilst they gain the skills and knowledge to become accredited with the AMA. 

An AMA REO is also responsible for supervising safety officials as they conduct safety inspections of facilities and circuits (sealed and unsealed) at AMA events to ensure compliance with the Australian Work Health and Sfety Act. Plus an AMA REO supervises coaching officials as they help new and inexperienced operators to gain skills and knowledge improvement, to become better drivers and or riders at AMA sanctioned events.

An REO's driver and or rider education business is a partner of the AMA and is entitled to associate and promote their training business at AMA sanctioned events, which use their voluntary services.

Please feel free to contact the AMA Event Officer in your region if you are an event organiser, volunteer, official, promoter or group and you need help in the following areas:


  • Setting up new events

  • Registration and calendar fixing of events

  • Event equipment

  • Event promotion

  • Volunteers and officials

  • Getting access to facilities

  • Working out levy payments


  • Guidance and support submitting new events

  • Promoting new and existing events

  • Amateur competition
  • New members


  • Volunteers and officials training

  • Referee and leader appointments
  • Clothing

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