What is ADV Rider.asn.au?

ADV Rider.asn.au is an Australian association of adventure ride organisers and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're a seasoned adventure rider or you're new to going bush, associating with us will help you to get more from your adventure motorcycle.

You can start your own Local Group or join an existing one, organise insured rides, meets and associated activities for enthusiasts based around adventure motorcycles. Establishing a local group is one of the best ways to help enthusiasts get behind the bars more often, to make new friends, share ideas and experiences as well as meeting for fun and socializing. 

You do NOT need to SIGN UP to ride with us, but if you do, it means you'll receive news, reports, routes and all the info you'll need to access insurance for peace of mind protection, when organising rides. Plus, on the day of any organised ride, all you have to do is turn up and ride!!!

ADV Rider.asn.au is a Service Line Division of the Australian Motorcyclist Association Inc.

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