Advertising on this website is simple

Ever heard of those restaurants where you can pay an amount that you believed the meal to be worth? Advertising with the Club is as simple as that, if you like what you see, then tell us what it's worth to promote your brand, products or services on our websites. This includes any where there is a photo, slideshow or banner and even if there isn't, let us know you'd like to advertise on a specific page(s) and we'll make it happen. Standard duration of advertising is for a calendar month and advertising for longer periods is greatly appreciated. 

Advertising locations on the front page of the website includes: Right side ad banner.

Advertising locations on every other page of the website includes: Top long ad banner, Right side ad banner.

Our other websites are:

Principal website

Second tier websites

Australian Motorist Association

Australian Motorcyclist Association

Third tier websites

Advocacy Section
Australians for Responsible Recreational Access 

Camping Section
Camper Trailer Club           
Camping and Caravanning Club  
Motorhome and Campervan Club 

Driving Section
4WD Club                               
Historic Car Club                     
Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Club (website coming soon)

Riding Section

Adventure Riders Club
ATV Club                
Cruiser Motorcycle Club      (website coming soon)
Dual Sport Club                 (website coming soon)
Motorcycle Gymkhana Club
Scooter Riders Club 
Sidecar Owners Club          (website coming soon)
Sport Bike Club                 (website coming soon)
Trike Owners Club              (website coming soon)

Priority order of advertisement is simply based upon highest to lowest value. Please contact with your details, which websites you'd like to advertise on, which advertisement locations and yoiur offer. You might like to also consider sponsorship opportunites, please see the Sponsor page.

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