The AMA thanks the Australian recreational vehicle, motor vehicle and associated industries, for their continued assistance and support.

We welcome the opportunity to establish new sponsorships. We are always seeking Corporate Sponsors so we can continue our advocacy work and deliver our initiatives. Corporate sponsorships with the AMA will also help deliver camping, driving and riding events and opportunities across Australia.

Sponsorship locations on the Home pages of the AMA websites include: Upper top logo placement for principal sponsors, centre image show and lower image crawler.

Sponsorship locations on every Other page of the AMA websites include: Upper top logo placement for principal sponsors and lower image crawler.

Sposorship opportrunities also exist on the rear of the AMA Membership Card as well as the main photo area of the AMA Membership Letter. The AMA also aims to establish a national road riding series, adventure riding and dual sport series for your consideration.

The AMA websites include:

Principal website

Second tier websites

Australian Motorist Association

Australian Motorcyclist Association

Third tier websites

Advocacy Section
Australians for Responsible Recreational Access 

Camping Section
Camper Trailer Club           
Camping and Caravanning Club  
Motorhome and Campervan Club 

Driving Section
4WD Club                               
Historic Car Club                     
Recreational Off-highway Vehicle Club (website coming soon)

Riding Section

Adventure Riders Club
ATV Club                
Cruiser Motorcycle Club      (website coming soon)
Dual Sport Club                 (website coming soon)
Motorcycle Gymkhana Club
Scooter Riders Club 
Sidecar Owners Club          (website coming soon)
Sport Bike Club                 (website coming soon)
Trike Owners Club              (website coming soon)

To discuss sponsoring the AMA in more detail, please email

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