All motorcycle events and their associated activities are classified as:

  • Guided riding events; and

  • Non riding events.

Each class of event may include any number of supplemental activities or associated activities as detailed in the Events Descriptions. See below for further definitions of recreational events covered under the Club's event insurance.

Guided Riding Events

All riding events that require participants to follow a course or track, to tag along, or to follow a leader, a marker, arrow, direction, instruction, map, GPS or any other device or means in order to get to a destination or to return to a designated place, are deemed to be ‘guided’ events.

Non Riding Events

Non riding events are social events held as gatherings or meets for riding enthusiasts. No riding events may be included.

Closed Activities
(A member of your local Member Group and one guest per member). Examples of Closed Activities include:

  • Group meetings;

  • Social gatherings;

  • Seminars, etc.

Member Events (National Club members only. Members may not bring guests). Examples of Member Events include:

  • Rides;

  • Cruise;

  • Meets, etc.

Open Events (An event open to the general public) over 250 persons requires the event to be declared to the Club's insurer prior to cover being granted and may include:

  • Motorcycle shows.

Timed Events (National members only. Members may not bring guests) and may include:

  • Gymkhanas.

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