The Vision for the AMA is to enhance road safety for Australians through off road driving and riding experience. Our mission in partnership with government, community, business and families is to reduce the risk of injury or death of Australian motorists and motorcyclists by providing opportunities for essential skills and knowledge to be learnt ‘off road’ to be better at driving and riding 'on road.'

We aim to achieve our mission by acquiring land and establishing off road driving and riding parks in suitable localities throughout Australia. We can do this through cooperatives, where members share in the cost of buying the land. Information about QLD Government Cooperatives here.

The main purpose of a cooperative is for all members to join with a group of like minded people, pool resources and work together. The most important aspect of cooperatives is people as they belong to, are operated by, and benefit the people who become members of cooperatives.

The traditional nature of a cooperative means that all members are equal decision makers, with one vote per member, enabling members to determine the decisions their co-operative makes. However this can be an administrative nightmare and if indecision or personal agendas get in the way, cooperation can be halted or fail altogether.

However, we can establish cooperatives which are managed by 3 x individual directors and 2 x corporate representatives. The corporations being the Australian Motorist Association and the Australian Motorcyclist Association. This structure would allow AMA members to buy a Cooperative Membership, which would entitle the member to access the services provided by the cooperatives, ie. access to the properties for camping, driving, riding.

The representatives of the corporations would simply produce an online poll to the AMA Cooperative Members regarding matters of the properties, eg. if toilets and showers were to be built on a property.


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