Do I Qualify?

If you're a Campsite Owner Member of the AMA and have at least 2,000 sqm (half an acre) of fairly level land or areas where it is, there’s a good chance you qualify!

We offer membership for:

  • Combination campsites (RVs and tents);
  • RV Only campsites (no tents); and
  • Tent Only campsites (no RVs with the exemption of camper trailers – also suitable for sites where access is particularly poor or 4WD only).

There are many different reasons why private property owners choose to look into having their own approved campsite, whether it is for extra income, or just the pleasure of meeting new people, making friends, or sharing the beautiful surroundings with others.

But the main reason why you partner with the Club is that the AMA WILL INSURE YOU for allowing AMA members to camp and participate in other outdoor activities on your land, with an indemnity limited to $20 million public liability insurance cover for legal liabilities arising from claims made against you that involves either bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

Plus In the unlikely event that a claim is directed at you ‘as an individual', rather than as a representative/ official of AMA activities, the AMA also provides to you the benefit of ‘Directors & Officers Liability' insurance which provides indemnity against ‘wrongful acts' committed by ‘individuals' acting on behalf of a camping or associated activity held under the auspices of the AMA.

Getting started as an AMA Approved Campsite requires that you should also have or aim to acquire your own public liability insurance. If you're not already insured, we can provide you with the contact details of our camp owners insurance partner Aon Corporation, which is the leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human capital consulting and outsourcing. 

With Aon, you can access a specialised program for Camp Owners and Caravan Parks, which insures private property owners against claims for any injury or property damage sustained to paying guests whilst staying at your property. The services are outlined in the free Guide to setting up a Private Campsite and of course additional activities (kayaking, fishing, swimming, etc), can be extended on the policy on a case by case basis.

We will provide you with the AMA Private Campsite Handbook, which contains the policy, organisation and rules to be an AMA Approved Campsite, as well as:

  • Insurance cover from the AMA to protect you and your property
  • A dedicated department of specialist advisors
  • Access to thousands of Club Members
  • Entry into our online campsite directory
  • Online Club Membership
  • Site assessment visits by our Campsite Officers
  • Access to unique discounts online

The approval process can take from as little as 4 weeks from filling out the application form, to welcoming your first campers.

Our Guide to Setting Up A Private Campsite, will give you more information about what setting up and operating a Private Campsite is all about and how we will protect you when letting AMA Members onto your land. You will need to read this guide as part of the application process. The guide is free and should answer any questions you might have at this stage.

AMA Clubs Online Services

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