Social camping meets offer great value camping with like minded people.

Social camping meets are organised by the Club's Camping Divisions and their local Member Groups. Meets provide members the opportunity to enjoy this great country of ours, both locally and further afield.

Club Camping Meets usually offer minimum facilities and normally take place over a weekend, but can last for multiple days. Members can stay for a night or the entire duration, and all fees paid go back into the Club to ensure that we can continue supporting our Groups and to offer future events for members.

Many offer entertainment or are organised with a particular theme, which offers a host of activities for all the family. However a Meets sole purpose is for members to enjoy the peace and quiet in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Club Camping Meets are only available to our members, so you can guarantee you'll be welcome, while being surrounded by like minded campers who take the same pleasures from camping that you do.

Details of organised camping meets or rallies can be found in the Camping Events calendars.

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