Would you like to get even more from your club membership?

Member Groups promote activities and events in each of the different Club Divisions and Members are welcome to attend any Group approved event, whether it's promoted by your Member Group or a different group elsewhere in the country. 

To be a member or to camp, drive or ride with a Group, you must first be a Member of the AMA. You do not need to own an RV, car or bike to join the AMA. Your AMA username login will allow you to join any of the Club's Divisions and their Groups.

Joining and participating with your local Division Group is one of the best ways to make the most of this great country of ours whilst making new friends, sharing ideas and experiences as well as meeting for fun and socializing

You can join a Member Group that's closest to you or you can belong to the same group as family or friends. Once you've joined, it's easy to change or 'opt' to a different group, simply click on the 'My social pages' tab located in the 'My membership' section, where you can join or leave a group at the click of a button. 

How can I find out more?

Look in the Groups Events calendar for details of Group activities and events for camping, driving and riding events, shows, swap meets, social gatherings and more, which are organised all over the country.

What can your local Member Group offer you?

  • Opportunity to participate in approved camping, driving, riding and other recreaitonal events held throughout the year.

  • Social activities where you can meet other members and make new friends.

Group Details

All of our Division Groups have their own 'in house' social page where you can find out more about what's going on in your local area. Any Division Group can be found in the Find a Group page where you can search by name, state, suburb or postcode for contact and or website details.

Want to start up your own Group?

To Start a Group of the Club is easy, decide which Formal, Semiformal or Informal Group is right for you by viewing the information in the Groups Support and Resources page for Club members.

AMA Clubs Online Services

Follow this link to log into your secure online account to update your details, renew your membership and enter events.