Local groups allow people who share the same passion to come together

What is an AMA member group?

An AMA member group is a collective of AMA members in a local area, suburb, town or region. The intent of a group is for members to come together, meet socially and make new friends with like minded individuals who share a passion for the same interest. A Group is to be a family oriented, non political and non religious group of AMA members.

What is the purpose of an AMA member group?

  • contribute significantly to local events held in the area of the groups operation;

  • develop relations between fellow enthusiasts and associated motorcycle dealers or retail stores;

  • promote local events and encourage participation by fellow members and guests in these events; and

  • support the implementation of the Objects and Aims of the AMA and the AMA Divisions;

What else might members of an AMA group do?

  • learn more about the association to become better advocates, grassroots activists and membership promoters; and

  • promote their lifestyle to all Australians and help protect the future of their interests in Australia. 

Group members share a passion and a lot of what they do supports those interests. Local group events vary from group camps/ drives/ rides, safety courses, competitions, rallies and weekend camping/ driving/ riding trips. While camping/ driving/ riding is the main emphasis of a group, many groups get together to raise funds for charitable causes, attend events as a group and more. The limitations are endless, as YOU may bring forward the next new activity idea.  

Group Details

All members are entitled to elect and support a particular Group and or choose any one Group as their ‘Home’ Group. Local member groups and their details by clicking on the Login, Sign Up and Events buttons above, then by clicking on the FIND A GROUP button where you can find out more about what's going on in your local area.

Want to start up your own AMA Member Group?

To Start a Group is easy, decide which Formal, Semiformal or Informal Group is right for you by viewing the information in the Groups Support and Resources page for registered users. Then have the groups representative (a current AMA officials member), complete the application in the REGISTER A GROUP page, which is also in the Login, Sign Up and Events area.

Once your Group is approved you'll be given access to all the tools, support and resources you and your team might need to help promote AMA events and associated activities, anywhere in Australia.

AMA Clubs Online Services

Follow this link to log into your secure online account to update your details, renew your membership and enter events.