The AMA recognizes it plays a significant role in the protection of the environment and is committed to responsible economic development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

The AMA undertakes to:

  • continually improve environmental performance;

  • conduct business in a manner that maximizes care for the environment by avoiding environmental harm and minimising impacts;

  • conserve water, energy and other natural resources, and minimize waste;

  • collaborate with concerned and informed parties to develop and implement improved environmental practices;

  • communicate this policy to all members and personnel and create opportunities for their involvement; and

  • comply with the appropriate legislation and regulation.

The AMA encourages all members and personnel to give proper consideration to the care and protection of flora, fauna, air, land and water and to the community health and heritage which may be affected by the Association’s activities.


No AMA member believes that recreation enthusiasts have the right to exclusive, unregulated use of our public lands, but all oppose land closure or extreme regulation, which denies responsible citizens access to public lands for multifaceted education and recreation pursuits.

The AMA is working to find solutions that both protect and provide sustainable access to our public lands.


  • supports and encourages responsible use of public lands;

  • opposes new massive-scale restrictions on public lands;

  • favours legislation to impose substantial penalties on the irresponsible few who “knowingly and willfully” harm our public lands and to make penalties consistent among the agencies that administer public lands;

  • favours protecting our most fragile natural treasures that could be harmed by even the most responsible use;

  • opposes rule making and policy decisions that are made behind closed doors and supports a completely open process that allows all interested groups and individuals to have a voice in the process; and

  • supports outdoor recreation and education as a source of jobs and economic development in rural areas.

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The AMA recognizes environmental management as a significant corporate responsibility and is committed to providing the necessary training to enable effective and efficient communication of the AMA environmental obligations to all its workers, volunteers, members and visitors.

All personnel are expected to know about, support and comply with all environmental obligations.

All persons prior to participating in AMA activities are to be addressed on the following environmental matters:

  • Location to be traversed – discussing scenic, fauna, flora and indigenous values

  • Environment Heath and Safety Induction – discussing the AMA Clubs Code of Conduct, including safety, member behaviours and environmental care.

  • Fire Danger – as communicated by local rural fire brigade

  • Activity Management System – system to be used to minimise impacts

  • Expected stops – scenic locations, break and completion times

The Environment Health and Safety Induction and Activity Management System forms part of the terms and conditions of AMA membership and is communicated to all members prior to participating in any AMA approved activity.

Participating members of any AMA activitiy are required to comply with these obligations and failure to comply may result in breach of the terms and conditions of membership and such actions as may include expulsion from AMA activities.

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