ARRA has been formed to ensure that Australians are not arbitrarily denied the right to responsibly experience and enjoy the public lands and waterways that belong to the citizens of Australia. However, no ARRA member believes that recreation enthusiasts have the right to exclusive, unregulated use of our public lands and waterways, but all oppose closure or extreme regulation, which denies responsible citizens access to public lands and waterways for multifaceted recreation pursuits. ARRA is working to find solutions that both protect and provide sustainable access to our public lands and waterways.


  • supports and encourages responsible use of public lands and waterways;

  • opposes new massive-scale restrictions on public lands and waterways;

  • favours legislation to impose substantial penalties on the irresponsible few who “knowingly and willfully” harm our public lands and waterways and to make penalties consistent among the agencies that administer them;

  • favours protecting our most fragile natural areas that could be harmed by even the most responsible use;

  • opposes rule making and policy decisions that are made behind closed doors and supports a completely open process that allows all interested groups and individuals to have a voice in the process; and

  • supports outdoor recreation as a source of jobs and economic development in rural areas.

ARRA provides an easy yet very significant opportunity for outdoor recreation enthusiasts to have their voices heard. 

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