The AMA aims to unite motor vehicle and associated activity groups across Australia, with the purpose of sharing resources and knowledge and to help each other in our needs to make change happen. 

The AMA itself aims to advocate for:

  • Creation of a category for road registered quadricycles; and

  • A conditional learner license to allow young people from the age of 10 to legally drive age appropriate registered motor vehicles under supervision, in designated areas.

The AMA endorses the ideal, 'every young Australian should experience a significant part of their driving education 'off road.’ Our mission is to reduce the risk of injury or death of Australian motorists and motorcyclists by providing opportunities for essential skills and knowledge to be learnt off road, to be better at driving and riding on road.

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You can also help by emailing us at to become a Volunteer Advocacy Officer, Alliance Officer or Media Officer and help spread the word.

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