To insure your event with the AMA there may be a fee

Registration fees

Due to the ongoing financial support from our sponsors, the AMA does not reguire an event registration fee to be paid, on the condition that the event organiser enters the event detail into the relevant discipline calendar. If the AMA is required to spend the time entering event details for the organiser, a registration fee of $55 is payable.

Participant levy

A participant levy may only be required where an AMA event is in excess of 250 participants. The AMA insurer must be advised of such events and the event organiser will be advised of any additional insurance costs that are to be recovered through a partiipant levy.

Event fee

Registered event organisers may set an event fee or entry fee to cover event related costs, such as equipment hire, location leasing, labour hire, permit fees, fundraising for equipment or first aid, etc.

Already have event insurance?

As a promoter of camping, driving and riding events, we feel it is important to list all associated events that are happening - whether the event is running under the AMA banner or not. This helps coordiante the calendar and avoid event clashes.

With this in mind, if you already have event insurance but don't wish to register your event with the AMA - send in the below details to and we will list this information for calendar coordination purposes:

  • Event name

  • Event date

  • Start location

  • Organiser email 

  • Route Maps

  • Web link

Please note events not insured with the AMA will not benefit from any event promotion that registered organisers recieve. The listing is primarily to notify others when and where a mass participation event is taking place to avoid event overlap.

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