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About Groups

One of the objectives of the AMA is to make the use of recreational vehicles (RV) and the use of motor vehicles (MV) the largest social, sport and recreation activities in Australia. Although we charter Branches and Promoters, we also recognise that there are Groups within the RV and MV ecosystem that do not want to race or officially incorporate. To grow, it is important to have a flexible environment which can include these groups in our family.

Groups are housed under the relevant AMA Division. An AMA Division is an ASIC registered trading name given to a specific discipline or activity of the AMA, eg. the Personal WaterCraft Division of the AMA is called the Personal Watercraft Association of Australia. Simply, Groups meet, socialise, camp and motor together as a group under the auspices of the relevant AMA Division. 

Traditionally club affiliation requires specific documentation including Club Constitutions, Model Rules, and a Certificate of Incorporation. These requirements create a barrier to entry for many groups whose participants would also like to access the benefits available from Chartering with the AMA. This is why we created AMA Groups.

An AMA Group is defined as a social or recreational driving or riding group that is not incorporated as an association and does not have a committee as it is not formally constituted as a club. These Groups include members who have Full (Financial) Solo or Family memberships or Temporary (One Event) Solo or Family memberships with the AMA Clubs.

There are four types of AMA Group, which are based upon the Types of AMA Events that can be promoted:

  1. Social;
  2. Education;
  3. Recreation; and
  4. Sport (Non Competitive)

To be able to recognise these groups as official AMA Groups, the following is required:

  • Pay zero $0 to register a social or recreation driving/ riding group, which only involves the use of registered RVs or MVs, whether the Group has 5 members or 5,000; 
  • Pay a $250 annual fee, to charter a non competitive motor sport group, which can involve the use of registered and unregistered motor vehicles, whether the Group has 5 members or 5,000;
  • There must be a minimum of 5 AMA Clubs members at all times for the Group to maintain its charter.

The following are specific requirements and inclusions:

  • No requirement for incorporation and/or a constitution;
  • Group is not provided Directors and Officers Insurance as it is not formally a club and therefore would not have Directors or Officers;
  • Group is not permitted to promote AMA sanctioned competitive/ racing events;
  • Individuals are able to join the Group as Full (Financial) Solo or Family members or Temporary (One Event) Solo or Family members of the AMA Clubs.

To become an AMA Chartered social, non competitive motor sport or recreation driving/ riding group, please complete the Group Charter Form. Please note: you can not apply for any form of Group Charter unless you are already a financial member of the AMA Clubs. Not a member yet, join the AMA Clubs now! Need more information about AMA Groups? Please Contact Us today.