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About Promoters

A Promoter of AMA events can be the AMA itself, its Divisions, Groups, Branches or other incorporated organisations, which do not recognise the AMA as the parent body. Promoters do not join the AMA, they simply Charter with the AMA, which means overage by the AMA's insurer as a contractor for providing promoting services.

Promoters Charter with the AMA, which is a formal agreement between the AMA and the Promoter to uphold the AMA’s mission and standards for event promotion. A Promoter does not organise AMA events, only AMA certified volunteer officials organise AMA events.

The role of a Promoter includes raising awareness about AMA events and getting AMA Clubs members excited about attending them. Promoters also manage publicity and advertising of the AMA events and depending on the event, they may also handle ticket sales, event admission, booking of venues, trainers, entertainers, vendors, etc. 

Need more information about chartering as an AMA promoting club? Please Contact Us today.