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About Branches

An AMA Branch is a direct, Not For Profit (NFP) child company of the AMA, which is registered with ASIC. To liken the relationship between the AMA and an AMA Branch to another organisation, think a local Lions Club to Lions Australia or a local Surf Club to Surf Life Saving Australia.

An AMA Branch has a Board just like a local Lions Club or Suf Club does, but unlike these clubs, which have voting members and a committee, an AMA Branch does not have these voting members. This structure means that the Board of an AMA Branch can not be voted out and have the Branch overrun by undersirables who only have self serving interests.

All members join at the national level only and an entitlement of membership to the AMA Clubs is to participate in the activities and events of the AMA and its Branches. This membership structure also forms part of the protection of the Branch, the Branch Board, landowners and others that may have associated interests in an AMA Branch.

The AMA aims to change the way clubs are traditionally managed in this country. No more meetings of the members means the Board of an AMA Branch can just can just get on with the job at hand and not have to worry that all of their hard work will come undone at the next AGM.

And just like a local Lions Club or local Surf Club is related to their national association, an AMA Branch is automatically named as an insured on all of the AMA national insurance policies, as it is a subsidiary of the AMA. Keeping the insurance 'in house' means charter fees are around half the price of what it would normally cost for a promoting club. Being insured with all of the AMA's insurances, means AMA Branches save thousands of dollars every year on liability and other insurances which stand alone clubs would normally have to pay.

It just makes sense even for an exisiting club to form an AMA Branch, wind up their club, transfer the assets of the old club to the new AMA Branch, then register an ASIC trading name in the name of the old club to the new AMA Branch. This way clubs get to keep their identity and reap the benefits of being part of the AMA.

What types of AMA Branch are there?

There are two types of AMA Branch:

  1. Club Branch; and
  2. Custom Branch.

A Custom Branch is for any landowner wanting to turn their property into a recreational vehicle or motor vehicle facility and or organisation that has an associated interest in the Branch. Whereas a Club Branch is purely run as a club of volunteers. Custom Branches and Club Branches exist under the AMA as the parent association, either directly or indirectly through an AMA Division.

Naming an AMA Branch

An AMA Branch must be specifically named inline with the parent association’s official name or division trading names. Where the Branch is to operate a multitude of automobile and motorcycle activities, the name of the parent must be used along with the general location of the Branch, eg. Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs Blue Mountain Branch. Noting: Country, state/ territory, region or major city names can not be used. 

Or if a Branch is to operate under one specific discipline only, the AMA Division name may be used, eg. the motocross division of the AMA is called the Motocross Association of Australia, therefore an AMA motocross only branch can be called the Motocross Association of Australia Blue Mountain Branch.

Authority must be provided by the parent association to register an AMA Branch. After registration, an AMA Branch may also register trading names with ASIC so it may operate and be identified under that name, eg. Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs Blue Mountain Branch trading as Donnybrook Ride Park.

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