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About Events

All AMA events are to be organised and managed by certified officials and are to be run using the insurance provided by the AMA where an event is approved and detailed on the AMA event calendar(s).

More information about event insurance is available on the Event insurance page. All registered events are to be run under the codes and regulations of the AMA. 

Membership at AMA Events

Recreational driving/ riding events where motor vehicles (ATV, motorcars, motorcycles, ROV) towables and PWC must be registered, at a minimum require participants to hold a free temporary membership, however full membership is suggested as this reduces the administrative burden on event organisers. For all events that include the use of unregistered motor vehicles in any non competitive or competitive activities, financial temporary or full membership is mandatory!

Financial temporary or full membership is also mandatory for all events that include the use of registered motor vehicles in any activity where you are training for or practicing for a race, pace making, reliability trial or a speed or hill climbing test, or the vehicle is being used on a race track for any purpose, or any such competitive activity. Financial temporary or full membership is mandatory in these circumstances because CTP (Greenslip) policies will not provide cover, therefore public liability cover must be applied to to each participant through membership.

Certain other event types and classifications may also require financial membership to AMA Clubs membership for all participants. All event organizers are required to promote AMA Clubs membership in all event media. All event officials must be and hold a current AMA Officials certification. 

Types of AMA Events

  1. Sport - motor sport racing/ testing;
  2. Recreation - pleasure driving/ riding;
  3. Education - driver/ rider coaching; and
  4. Social - non driving/ riding.

Social Events

Social events or non driving/ riding activities are social gatherings or shows held at permanent or temporary venues for associated enthusiasts. No driving or riding events may be included. Examples of non driving/ riding events are rallies, open house meets, cruise in meets, swap meets, shows, etc. All social events are to be governed by the Social Events Code and are to be managed by an AMA Event Organiser.

Education Events

Education events or coaching activities are the activities normally associated with the instruction of drivers/ riders of motor vehicles, ATV, ROV, towables and PWC. All education events are to be governed by the Education Events Code and are to be managed by an AMA Driver/ Rider Coach.

Recreation Events

Recreation events or pleasure driving/ riding events are the activities normally associated with recreational driving/ riding of registered motor vehicles, towables, PWC and their associated activities. 

Pleasure driving and riding events comply with the use of a Road. Driving and riding events require participants to follow a route and be guided by; tagging along or following a leader, marker, arrow, direction, instruction, map, GPS or any other device or means in order to get to a destination or to return to a designated place. 

Driving and riding events may traverse a ‘road’ route of only sealed surfaces, an ‘adventure’ route of sealed and unsealed surfaces, a ‘trail’ route of only unsealed terrain or a ‘water’ route of open or closed body of water. All driving and riding events are to be governed by the Recreation Events Code and are to be managed by an AMA Recreation Leader.

Sport Events

Sport events or competitive/ timed racing events and non competitive/ untimed testing events are the activities which are normally associated with the sporting use of motor vehicles. Racing events and Testing events comply with the use of a Track

All AMA sanctioned Racing events are to be governed by the Racing Events Code, the relevant discipline Regulations and are to be managed by an AMA Sport Referee. All AMA sanctioned Testing events are to be governed by the Testing Events Code and are also to be managed by an AMA Sport Referee.

Objectives for AMA Events

  • To better the skills and knowledge of drivers and riders through participation in training, programs, sport and recreation activities.
  • To approve safe and well organized social events for members to enjoy activities associated with their interests.
  • To provide codes and regulations to the benefit of the event organizers and members.
  • To enhance the image of AMA events by encouraging responsible use and respectable actions by users.
  • To promote the practice of charity and advocacy by both the organizers and the participants to the communities and entities affected by the activities.

Code of Ethics for AMA Events

As AMA members our activities should be conducted according to the spirit of this Code of Ethics in the camping, driving, riding and racing community and in the community at large.

  • Strive to promote good public relations through your general conduct, the media, activities and community affairs.
  • Abide by all local, state and national laws.
  • Strive to promote cooperative coexistence with other enthusiasts and organizations.
  • Respect the rights and property of all members of the community.
  • Strive to promote the spirit of the principles of Tread Outdoors.

* Individual cover is provided to certain members who have personal accident insurance whilst at and participating in AMA sanctioned events.