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About Recreation Events

About Recreation Events

All AMA Recreational Driving/ Riding events are the activities normally associated with the recreational driving/ riding of registered motor vehicles, towables, PWC and their associated activities. 

to be organised and managed by an AMA Certified Recreation Leader. officials and are to be run using the insurance provided by the AMA where an event is approved and detailed on the AMA event calendar(s).

More information about event insurance is available on the Event insurance page. All registered events are to be run under the codes and regulations of the AMA. 

Recreation Events

Recreation events or pleasure driving/ riding events 

Pleasure driving and riding events comply with the use of a Road. Driving and riding events require participants to follow a route and be guided by; tagging along or following a leader, marker, arrow, direction, instruction, map, GPS or any other device or means in order to get to a destination or to return to a designated place. 

Driving and riding events may traverse a ‘road’ route of only sealed surfaces, an ‘adventure’ route of sealed and unsealed surfaces, a ‘trail’ route of only unsealed terrain or a ‘water’ route of open or closed body of water. All driving and riding events are to be governed by the Recreation Events Code and are to be managed by an AMA Recreation Leader.

Membership at AMA Recreation Events

Recreational driving/ riding events where motor vehicles (ATV, motorcars, motorcycles, ROV) towables and PWC must be registered, at a minimum require participants to hold a free temporary membership, however full membership is suggested as this reduces the administrative burden on event organisers.