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About the AMA Clubs

The AMA Clubs is a membership organisaiton. Joining the club entitles members to the benefits offered by the Australian Motor Association, the Australian Motorcyclist Association and the Australian Motorist Association (the AMA). The benefits include participating in any AMA sanctioned activity or event, promoted by the AMA, their Divisions, Chapters, Branches or Chartered Clubs, anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

About the AMA

The group of AMA clubs are Not For Profit (NFP) limited companies registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The Mission of the AMA in partnership with government, community, business and families is to reduce the risk of injury or death of Australian drivers and riders by providing opportunities for essential skills and knowledge to be learnt ‘off road’ to be better at driving and riding 'on road.'

The objects of the AMA are:

  1. to provide driver and rider education opportunities through training, programs, sport and recreation activities;

  2. to access land and establish facilities in suitable localities throughout Australia to support the objects of the Association;

  3. to provide persons as the Board deems appropriate with information, benefits and services;

  4. to advocate on matters of public policy in relation to driver and rider licensing, use of public and private lands and other matters the Board determines to be relevant; and

  5. to support organizations and activities consistent with the above purposes or for the good of all Australians.

The Vision of the AMA is to enhance road safety for Australians, through 'off road' driving and riding experience.

About AMA Divisions

An AMA Division is an ASIC registered trading name of the relevant AMA NFP company, which houses the particular AMA discipline/ activity, eg. Personal Water Craft Association of Australia (PWCAA) is a division of the Australian Motorcycle Association. All activies and events of the particular AMA discipline/ activity are promoted through the relevant Division. Each AMA Division usually has a small but dedicated volunteer team to help coordinate the activities and events of the Division.

About AMA Chapters

An AMA Chapter is an official group of enthusiasts in a local area, that meet and drive/ ride together as a group under the auspices of an AMA Division, eg. Personal Water Craft Association Gold Coast Chapter (PWCAA GC Chapter). AMA Chapters can promote social, educational, recreational and non competitive sporting activities. AMA Chapters can not promote any form of competitive sporting activity or event.

About AMA Branches

An AMA Branch is a direct NFP subsidiary/ child company of the AMA, which means it has a committee as ay normal club does, but unlike a traditional club, which has voting members and a committee, an AMA Branch does not have these voting members. All members join at the national level only and an entitlement of membership to the AMA Clubs is to participate in the activities of the AMA, its Divisions, Chapters and Branches.

About Chartered Clubs

Exisiting incorporated clubs can charter/ join the AMA. A Charter is a formal agreement between the AMA and its member organizations to uphold the AMA’s mission and standards for event operation. Chartered clubs do not organise AMA events, they only provide simple back of house/ administrative services for an AMA event such as event bookings, financial management, event promotion, etc. Only AMA accredited officials organise AMA events.