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About Chartering

A charter is a formal agreement between the Australian Motorcyclist Association and or the Australian Motorist Association (the AMA) and your organisation to uphold the AMA’s mission and standards for AMA events. AMA Clubs members enjoy quality events and social gatherings promoted by AMA chartered organisations.

Charter options and benefits

Charter with the AMA today! Use the link below to join online now.

Questions? Call 0480 236 852 or email  

Charter Options

A minimum of three AMA Clubs members is required to charter an AMA branch. An AMA branch is described as a subsidiary club/ child association of the AMA. To liken an AMA branch to another organisation, think a local Lions club to Lions Australia, a local Rotary club to Rotary Australia or a local Surf Live Saving club to Surf Life Saving Australia. As is the same with a local AMA branch to AMA national, eg. Australan Motorcyclist Association Surfers Paradise Branch (AMA Surfers).  

Charter Benefits

More info to come. Won't be much longer. Your patience is appreciated. 

A non AMA organisation, which holds an ABN can charter with the AMA. A Charter is a formal agreement between the AMA and its chartered organizations to uphold the AMA’s mission and standards for event operation. A chartered organisation does not organise AMA events, it only provides simple back of house, administrative services such as event bookings, financial management, event promotion, etc. for AMA events. Only AMA certified officials organise AMA events. Read More >>