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A charter is a formal agreement between the AMA and its member organizations to uphold the AMA’s mission and standards for event operation. 

An AFFILIATE CLUB/ PROMOTER is any existing organisation (club, school, P&C, driver trainer, private promoter, etc) that is registered with ASIC or state government. An Affiliate Club/ Promoter is insured for organising the sanctioned designations of the Australian Australian Motorist Association.

An AMA MOTORIST CHAPTER is an ASIC registered entitiy of the Australian Motorlist Association Inc (AMA), which permits member groups to operate as an informal, semiformal or formal chaper of the AMA. An AMA Motorist Chapter may organise events and activities, at the local level.

An AMA MOTORIST BRANCH is an incorporated branch of the Australian Motorist Association Inc (AMA), whose members are those of the parent (national) association and is a named insured on the AMA insurance policy. An AMA Motorist Branch may organise events and activities in its own right, at the club/ regional level and may trade under another ASIC registered name.