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GCMX Single Membership

GCMX Single Membership

I/we, as a member of the Gold Coast Motocreoss Club Inc. agree to abide by the rules and conditions as outlined in the Club Constitution.

My family and I will endeavour to assist in the upkeeping of the racing complexes, and attend meetings if possible.

I will act at all time in a sportsman like manner and will treat the volunteer officials with due respect.

At the discretion of the club, memberships may be forfeited/cancelled and riders may be refused to ride at a meeting for unruly behaviour.

I/We acknowledge that it is my/our duty as a club member to assist at all times with canteen and flag marshal duties at race meetings.  Failure to do so could result in the club using its’ discretion to revoke membership or refuse riders nominations at race meetings.

At times, photos will be taken and used to promote the club website and newspaper articles.

Price: $70.00