The Australian Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is moving into its next stage of development with the registration of the AMA State and Territory Branches.

A total of 5 x AMA members is needed to make up the Board in each of the AMA State and Territory Branches.

The AMA State and Territory Branches are not governing bodies, but rather entities that provide a system of support to both the national and local AMA clubs.

The role of the Board and the functions of an AMA State and Territory Branches are to:

Attract state/ territory funding and represent the AMA at the state/ territory level;

Help local AMA clubs with the coordination of calendar dates for local, regional, state and national activities and the promotion of those activities;

Help local AMA clubs attract partners, sponsors and advertisers to support the local AMA clubs in their efforts to organise local, regional, state and national activities; 

Promote and encourage motorcyclists within local council areas to volunteer as AMA regional chapter coordinators and become the eyes and ears of motorcycling for that area;  

Communicate with regional chapter coordinators to determine what local issues need to be addressed by the AMA advocacy centre;

Work with our lobbying partner Tread Outdoors and communicate all local issues relating to motorcyclist rights, access issues, unfair laws, etc to have those issues addressed;

Promote and encourage AMA members to become volunteer competition commissioners, which work to better amateur competition events sanctioned by the AMA;

Work with competition commissioners to consider, disseminate, amend, interpret and assist in the enforcement of both technical and operational rules for AMA amateur competition events; 

To become a member of an AMA State or Territory Branch, the person must not have affiliation with any other state, territory or national organization and must be a person of good standing in the Australian motorcycling community.

Please note: If you are a person that is not in good standing or you are a representative of another organisation trying to get in a position not becoming of the role, you need not register your interest. 

Only people that are motorcyclists themselves, are passionate about motorcycling and want to see the direction of motorcycling in this country take a different and much improved course, should register.

Candidates for the Board of an AMA State or Territory Branch must reside anywhere within the state or territory for which they intend to represent. 

Board meetings are online only, so board members must be computer literate and of course have internet access and internet camera.

If you are one of those people that lives and breathes motorcycles and motorcycling and or are someone that has brought the sport of motorcycling into disrepute because of your passion, the AMA needs you!

Please register your interest in becoming an AMA State or Territory Branch Board Member by emailing your name, contact details, motorcycling history/ experience, and the names and contact details of 2 x other persons which can vouch for your good standing to