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For all training, programs, riding and racing events involving all types, forms and classes of motorcycle with 2 or 3 wheels.


Adventure 5 Events

Adventure Riding is one of the fastest growing classes of motorcycling for good reason. Adventure bikes are some of the most versatile and capable motorcycles you can buy. They are comfortable enough to do the big lap and are capable of conquering the outback.

ATV 8 Events

Recreational riding or competitive racing events for sport or utility All Terrain Vehicles (ATV).

Dual Sport 4 Events

A dual sport motorcycle is a type of street legal motorcycle that is designed for both on road and off road use. Dual sport trail riding is all about freedom on two wheels, and have the time of your life doing it.

Enduro 11 Events

Motorcycle Enduro is the most varied of dirtbike disciplines as it involves riding a wide and diverse range of off road terrain.

Motocross 6 Events

Motocross is a form of off road motorcycle racing held on enclosed circuits of dirt or grass which contain irregular jumps and obstacles. Motocross events can include categories for modern or vintage dirt bikes.

Timed Moto Gymkhana events held on paved surfaces or off road.

Moto Parks 1 Event

Moto parks are closed course off road riding areas held on privte property, meaning you trailer your dirt bike to a location and never ride on the road. Road registration is not required and venues are open to riders of all ages. At a moto park you're likely to experience a range of family friendly junior tracks, which cater for the young and new riders to larger senior tracks, which cater for the more experienced. Moto parks usually have a range of camping areas so you can stay a while.

Road 6 Events

Most motorcyclists in Australia and around the world are road riders. They operate road bikes on the highways and streets for work and pleasure or simply to get from point A to point B.

Scrambles 1 Event

In essence Vintage and Modern Motorcycle Scrambles is what Motocross used to be about with Circuit, Hare and Teams Scrambles categories. Harking back to the Golden Era of off road motorcycling, the emphasis in this sport is on fun with its laid back atmosphere attracting families of all ages who often will make a weekend of the event at venues around the country. Information to get started in Motorcycle Scrambles is available on the Scrambles Information page.

Trail Riding 14 Events

Trail rides are open to all ages and are a great way to get out with family and friends to enjoy the scenery, tackle a challenging route or just go for a leisurely ride. Information to get started in AMA Trail Rides is available on the Riding page.

Trials 17 Events

Motorcycle trials, also known as observed trials, is a non speed event on specialized motorcycles. Information to get started in AMA Trials is available on the Moto Trials page.

Broome Motocross Practice

Broome Motocross Track

Open for practice to members. Non-members are able to access with a member for $20. 

For more information, refer to the Club Handbook or contact

Individual Price $20 for Non-Members
Created By Yolande Ledgerwood
Location Broome Motocross Track
Categories Motocross Testing, Motocross
OMCC Tuesday practice ride

Before you proceed to club grounds, ensure there is a (trials boss, organiser) supervisor present.

Individual Price zero, or fifteen dollars
Created By Peter Wines
Location Oakleigh Motorcycle Club Trials Track
Categories Trials Testing
OMCC Thursday practice ride

Before you proceed to club grounds, ensure there is a (trials boss, organiser) supervisor present.

All participants are to ensure there is a Trial Boss (Event Referee/ Event Assistant) and first aid officer on site prior to riding.

Any questions to Glenn via SMS please 0428 106 240

Event Date 03-03-2021 1:30 am
Event End Date 03-03-2021 11:45 pm
Registration Start Date 27-02-2021 8:00 pm
Cut off date 27-02-2021 8:45 pm
Individual Price MEMBERS $10 NON-MEMBERS $30
Created By Glenn Crafter
Location Fairbairn Trials Park
Categories Trials Testing

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Kingston SE QRASA Campaway March 2021

ATV Trail Riding in the Sand Dunes on a Private Property.

Club members only.

Event Date 05-03-2021 8:00 am
Event End Date 08-03-2021 5:00 pm
Created By Mark Perkins
Location Kingston SE
Categories ATV, CAMPING, ATV Track Testing, Trail Riding, Family Trail Ride
Australian Hard Enduro Championship: Tenterfield Terror 2021

Australia's National Hard Enduro Series

The Australian Hard Enduro Championship “Tenterfield Terror” 2021

March 6 & 7 2021

The Tenterfield Terror event makes up round one of six for the Australian Hard Enduro championship series for 2021

Set on 6500 acres of rolling mountains just 60 minutes east of Tenterfield this property allows for a large technical track to test riders and bikes.

Saturday March 6 will see senior riders undertake a natural terrain prologue course to establish their starting positions for Sunday March 7, senior riders undertake a 4-hour hard enduro cross-country.

Senior (over 16yo) bike restrictions:

Chose your class carefully, if you have not ridden hard enduro before select bronze, Silver & Gold classes are design for experienced riders and with good skills.

Registering for Gold does not mean your registration will be accepted, all Gold level riders are vetted based on their ride/race history and experience.

No ebay/pit bikes/home made bikes, all bikes must be in good mechanical order.
No size restrictions for seniors

Juniors (12 to 15) will race for 2.5 hours on Saturday March 6 after completing their prologue.

Juniors will also undertake a hard enduro cross-country to challenge the natural terrain obstacles, there will be plenty of sweeps and volunteers positioned throughout the juniors track to supervise and help where necessary.

All juniors ride the same track, there are no separate classes for juniors.
We encourage junior riders and their family to stick around for the seniors racing on Sunday, there will be plenty of action to see and keep you entertained.

Junior bike & age restrictions:
Junior ages are restricted to 12 to 15, if a junior turns 16 before March 1 they will be a senior

Junior bikes are restricted to 80cc to 200 cc two stroke & 125cc to 250cc four stroke

All junior bikes must be fitted with a manual clutch from factory, meaning no PW80 for example as they will not make it around the course, 65cc bikes will also not make it around the course, hence the 80cc limit.

For juniors who are 15 years old and confident/experienced riders they may be permitted to ride as a senior based on their riding experience, juniors under 12 may be permitted to ride based on their riding experience, email us to request this.

Our timing system requires a small transponder to be fitted to your bike, we supply you the transponder upon sign in at the event, this requires a $25 deposit, this is payable on the day in cash only, please ensure you have the correct money so the sign on process is quick and smooth.

When you return the transponder your deposit is returned, if you intend on racing more of our events you may hang onto it.

Registered Bike Numbers

Please check here

The rider and their pit crew must enter the property in one vehicle. Please arrive on Friday 5 March after 10am and before 7pm you may set up camp and walk the tracks at your own risk, push bikes and E bikes are welcome at your on risk, helmets must be worn.

Arriving Saturday is discouraged as we need to be ready to ride in the morning, sign on should be completed the evening before.

Sign-On is open from 10am to 7pm Friday March 5, if you could please arrive within that period we would really appreciate it, for those who are staying in the town of Tenterfield we do have sign-on on Saturday March 6 from 7am to 8.30am.


Camping is permitted at the event for riders and their crew (maximum of three people including the rider children not to be left unattended), cost is $20 per car paid at the gate upon entry.

All riders and their crew (maximum of three people per crew) will be issued wristbands upon payment for the camping at the gate.

Camping is permitted on Friday, Saturday & Sunday night, the property must be vacated by 10.30am.

Catering is available from the Friday evening until Monday morning, breakfast , lunch and dinner, as will coffee,tea & cold soft drinks and water, this may change with covid restrictions, an announcement will be made via our Facebook page and email.

This will be updated as the event date draws closer and will operate under the public health orders (refer to our refund policy below.)

The following may or may not be valid due to public health orders : No spectators permitted, only riders and their crew (maximum of three adults including the rider, kids under 16yo are free)

Check your calendar carefully before registering, strictly no refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed, all refunds issued for the event will be less $40, read below.

The setting up of each event and establishing the tracks takes many people many hours, the running of the Australian Hard Enduro Championship requires fulltime dedication from our crew and many costs are incurred setting up for each and every event, if an event needs to postponed or cancelled we need to retained $40 to help cover some of our expenses, we appreciate your understanding. 

Final Instructions will be emailed to each rider, please ensure you check your "junk/spam" folder, once the final instructions have been sent a post will be on our Facebook page stating as such, you can expect to receive the final instruction approximately two weeks before the event.


Event Date 06-03-2021
Event End Date 07-03-2021
Registration Start Date 30-12-2020
Available place -5
Cut off date 26-02-2021
Created By Greg Peterson
Location Grassroots Enduro Tenterfield Terror
Categories Hard Enduro Racing

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price Available place
Juniors $140.00 0
Seniors - Bronze $220.00 0
Seniors - Silver $220.00 0
Seniors - Gold $220.00 0
Ladies - Bronze $220.00 0
Ladies - Silver $220.00 0
Ladies - Gold $220.00 0

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration