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Being a part of the Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs (AMA Clubs) family means joining with the thousands of other enthusiasts that get behind the wheel, bars and out on the campsite, track, trails and water more often!

Membership gives you access to benefits offered by the AMA as well as the opportunity to participate in any of the hundreds of sanctioned activities and events of the Australian Motorist Association and the Australian Motorcyclist Association (the AMA) across the nation. Review your AMA Clubs membership benefits and inclusions, listed below.

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5 Year Membership Recommended. All Disciplines. All Events. All Levels. Anywhere in Australia


AMA Clubs Membership Options

Solo Membership 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year and life options

Family* Membership 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year and life options


AMA Clubs Membership Benefits

Solo Membership: Permits members to participate in any form of AMA sanctioned social activity, training, program, practice, testing, recreation or racing activity, involving any form of registered or unregistered motor vehicle or PWC recreational activity, anywhere in Australia.

Family* Membership: Includes the benefits of Solo Membership, for all persons as detailed on the primary applicants Medicare card, plus any other persons under 18, which the primary applicant may be guardian of.

Life Membership: Includes the benefits of Solo or Family* Membership for life.

Accident Insurance: Participants of AMA sanctioned events are automatically icovered with medical accident insurance cover of $5k death and $25k disablement. This cover can be upgraded for a small fee to $25k death and $25k disablement or $50k death and $50k disablement on a per event basis. 

Please note: The AMA's accident insurance does not provde a weekly accident benefit to cover any loss of income you might experience as a result of an accident or incident whilst participating in an AMA sanctioned event.

Amateur Racing: Participants of AMA sanctioned racing events compete with standards that maintain consistency in rulemaking, advancement, appeals, class structure and recognition.

More than 175 AMA Chartered Organisations: Connect with campers, drivers and riders in your area through 175+ AMA chartered clubs around the country. Check out our list of clubs in your area or learn how to start an AMA Branch or AMA Chapter of your own.

Members Only Online Access: Enjoy exclusive access to our online Members Only area where you can find the latest AMA Clubs news, reports, event invitations and much more.

Automatic Renewal Program: With our automatic membership renewal program, we notify you 30 days before your membership expires by email. We will renew your AMA Clubs membership using the credit card information you last provided us. Payment by credit card and email address are required. Please note that some AMA Clubs member benefits may be contingent on participation in the AMA Automatic Renewal Program and that members must maintain a valid credit card and email address on file with the AMA Clubs to remain eligible for these benefits. You can opt out the automatic renewal program upon payment.