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About Assisting

About Assisting

An Event Assistant is a volunteer that helps Event Leaders and Sport Referees to manage AMA events. Together, event assistants are the glue that holds together the details of an event. 


The various roles an assistant may perform can be viewed in the Roles and Duties of Event Officials.


  • Number and location of assistants will be dependent on the Risk Assessment requirements 
  • Briefed by Event Organiser to clearly understand their role 
  • Warn participants of possible hazards and to provide a visual aid to event signage 
  • Each assistant should receive a risk awareness briefing for the designated area in which they are due to cover (this should be conducted by the individual who completed the final risk assessment) 
  • Hi Viz clothing should be provided to all assistants 
  • Participants must be made aware that they are solely responsible for their safety and the presence of an assistant is no excuse to ignore the rules and regulations 
  • Assistants are encouraged to report illegal and inconsiderate behaviour to the event organiser, giving details of the circumstances of the offence. The organiser shall then take such action as is considered necessary. 


  • Voluntary workers insurance cover of $100k death, $100k disablement and up to $1k weekly accident benefit 
  • Officials newsletter
  • Free assistants training
  • Support from officials support team and regional events officers


Regional events officers supervise and support assistants and events at all levels, to enable growth, development and ensure sustainability. Strong communication skills are needed in order to enable prompt exchanges, provide clear instructions and give honest feedback.


The AMA always needs new assistants. We rely on a workforce of assistants who ensure all AMA events are conducted in a fair and safe manner. With the many AMA events held every year there is something for everyone. 

Please note AMA certified assistants are required to hold an active AMA Clubs Membership. This is an insurance requirement. You can not view and apply for assistant certification unless you are logged in as a current financial member. 

Once you are a member and have commenced the Volunteer Training, which is learning more about the club in order to become better volunteers, grassroots activists and membership promoters, you can sign up to get your free Assistant Certification.

And don't forget to have a look around the Assistants Resources area where you can find links to helpful videos and documents.