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About Officiating

The AMA has a commitment to support and encourage you in developing and contributing to the education of drivers and riders through training, programs, sport and recreation activities, whether it be in Urban or Remote areas.

The AMA has just 3 types of official:

  1. Event Assistant;
  2. Event Organiser; and
  3. Event Supervisor.

An Event Assistant helps the organiser and or supervisor with the smooth running of an event.

An Event Organiser has the overall responsibility for the organisation of events and their associated activities. This is a behind the scenses administrative role.

An Event Supervisor either:

  • ensures fairness and safety in competitive or non competitive motor vehicle sporting events; or
  • ensures satisfaction and safety in pleasure or recreational motor vehicle events.

Please note: in competitive AMA sporting events, Event Assistants may be given specific names when performing specific roles, eg. mechanic, inspector, flaggy, etc