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About Coordinating

About Coordinators

Coordinators of AMA Regional Chapters are principal volunteers in the Regions of each state and territory who work with AMA Clubs staff, members, and AMA organizers to determine the best educational and recreational interests for the region.

AMA Regional Chapters

The AMA Regional Chapter program provides a way for people to come together locally for education and recreation.

Each AMA Clubs member belongs to a regional chapter. There are no additional forms to fill out or fees to pay. Just contact your regional coordinator (or become one) and get involved.

Regional Chapter Coordinators will work to build a group of engaged volunteers in each region, as well as expand recreational opportunities for members to meet, camp, drive and ride together.

Many regions are still seeking coordinators who are enthusiastic about the AMA’s mission to promote and protect the motor vehicle and recreational vehicle lifestyle.

A few key skills we are looking for in our volunteers:

  • Passionate about the AMA’s mission
  • Enjoys speaking to and/or with groups
  • Organized, reliable and professional
  • Provides frequent and relevant information of happenings within their region
  • Camps, Drives or Rides on road or off road for fun
  • Interested in engaging with government and community officials
  • Willingness to learn

Still interested? View even more details here

Want to apply to become an AMA Regional Chapter Coordinator? Fill out the Regional Chapter Coordinator application online. Also, be sure to get started on the online AMA Volunteers training course.

Want to nominate someone else? Tell us who and why he or she would be a great fit via this form.

Still want more information about Regional Chapters or becoming a volunteer regional coordinator? Email