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About Refereeing

About Referees

AMA Referees are volunteers who ensure fairness and safety in AMA sanctioned sporting events and are present in all levels of competitive and non competitive motor vehicle sport activities and operate across all disciplines.

Examples of AMA sanctioned sport events, which are supervised by a Sport Referee are non competitive motor vehicle events held at permanent or temporary venues, eg. sealed circuits, off road tracks, dirt bike/ 4WD parks, etc and any competitive motor vehicle events held anywhere in Australia.


  • Oversee and approve pre-event planning and documentation
  • Check risk assessments
  • Ensure clear communication with organisers, event teams, participants and parents
  • Hold briefings and debriefings
  • Demonstrate a duty of care
  • Promote responsibility of fair and safe conduct during motor vehicle sport events
  • Approve results, levy and complete reports post event.


  • Voluntary workers insurance cover of $100k death, $100k disablement and up to $1k weekly accident benefit 
  • Referees newsletter
  • Free referees training
  • Support from officials support team and regional events officers


Regional events officers supervise and support trainee and certified referees and events at all levels, to enable growth, development and ensure sustainability.

Referees should be IT literate, in order to complete administration and submit forms online. Strong communication skills are needed in order to enable prompt exchanges, provide clear instructions and give honest feedback.


The AMA always needs new referees. We rely on a workforce of referees who ensure all sporting events in the AMA disciplines are conducted in a fair and safe manner. With the many AMA events held every year there is something for everyone. Please Note: AMA certified referees are required to have an active AMA Clubs membership. You can not view and apply for referee certification unless you are logged in as a current financial member. Join the AMA Clubs now!

Find out further information on Referee Training or for information about local opportunities contact your regional events officer.